Server browser for Americas Army


01-12-2004 AABrowse-0.0.8 released

AABrowse-0.0.8 is a minor bug fix release. Compile errors with Qt 3.2 have been fixed, as well as some memory leak fixes. There is also a new filter for Americas Army version 2.2.1 and the 1.9.0 filter has been removed.

10-10-2004 AABrowse-0.0.7 released

This update includes a few minor features and bug fixes. You can now load and save sets of filters and the toolbars and menus have been given a facelift. Querying servers should be faster and the pings should be more accurrate. The way master server updates are done has also changed, so that clicking the update button no longer deletes all your old servers, instead only adding new servers to the list.

19-07-2004 AABrowse-0.0.6 released

This update adds a few minor features and fixes a few bugs. The show empty and show full filter options for gamespy are now fixed so you should now be able to get a full list of servers. Coloured server names have also been added for servers which have had this added to their name. The search dialog is now more usefull with options for adding players to the buddy list and for displaying the server the player was found on.

25-06-2004 AABrowse-0.0.5 released

AABrowse-0.0.5 adds a number of new features. New options have been added for filtering the master list, including ping, map, version, country and server type. Support for the Geoip library has been added, which enables country filters and displays a flag for each server. This release also adds support for the gamespy master server.

To enable geoip support, you must first have geoip installed, then run ./configure --enable-geoip. GeoIP can be downloaded from here.

06-06-2004 AABrowse-0.0.4 released

AABrowse-0.0.4 contains only minor changes, adding support for the 2 new maps in Americas Army 2.1

23-05-2004 AABrowse-0.0.3 released

AABrowse-0.0.3 adds a few new features. The new gamespy protocol is now supported, allowing all servers to be queried, even if you are behind a firewall. This fixes the bug in the old protocol which caused full servers to timeout.

Querying the andromeda master server is working again after SCI brought it back online, although some of the icons are not showing up and leased servers are not marked as official. Hopefully SCI will get this fixed soon.

08-05-2004 AABrowse-0.0.2 released

AABrowse-0.0.2 is a minor update to this QT based Americas Army server browser. The buddy list can now be organised into groups of players and they can be dragged and dropped to move them around. Servers can also be sorted by some of the icons such as punkbuster, private and miles servers.